Other Applications


The Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) has introduced the e-Pasartani@FAMA, which can be used to record data and information on participants in farmers’ markets throughout the country.

The e-Pasartani@FAMA application, which was developed by FAMA, is an integrated system that uses MyKad as a platform for storing data and information on the participants of farmers’ market, such as personal details and business licences. This application also enhances the effectiveness of monitoring of the agriculture sector by the authorities.

Famaxchange is an agricultural marketing information portal developed by FAMA to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of information dissemination to the target groups.

* For more information, visit www.famaxchange.org or call FAMA at 03-61262020.


The fishermen registration application was developed by the Department of Fisheries to record information of fishermen in the MyKad. The application incorporates the Fisheries Information Network System (FINS) and Card Lifecycle Management System (CLMS) of the National Registration Department.

The objective of this application is to replace the use of paper documents and the laminated ‘Fisherman’s Card’ as well as ensure the security of personal information, provide mobile record access by the authorities and facilitate the identification process of registered fishermen.

The information will be used as reference by the authorities regarding any available benefits, such as welfare and social assistance for eligible local fishermen.

* For further information, visit www.dof.gov.my or contact the Department of Fisheries at 03-88704000.

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