Main Applications

MyKad sebagai Kad Pengenalan

MyKad stores the following information:
– Name
– Address
– Race
– Citizenship status
– Religion (for Muslims)
– Fingerprint minutiae

MyKad stores your fingerprint minutiae into the chip and by using a MyKad reader, fingerprint verification can be done accurately.

MyKad sebagai Prasarana Kekunci Awam

The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) application incorporates digital certificates and personal key inside MyKad. The digital certificates allow the following transactions to be done electronically:

Verification : Other people cannot impersonate you
Authentication : Digital signature as proof of transaction validity
Confidentiality : Information can be encrypted as confidential
Integrity : No third parties will be able to alter any information

Digital certificates can be used for e-commerce transactions. You may contact MSC Trustgate or DigiCert to enable MyKad to function as a digital certificate. Among the agencies that use this application are the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) and e-Procurement.


To use the MyKad PKI, follow these simple steps:-
1. Apply for MyKad at any National Registration Department branch nearby.
2. (a) To activate the PKI function, bring along your MyKad to a licensed certificate authority (CA) or the agent authority (AA) office to apply for your digital certificate, card reader and PKI software. A fee for the activation of the PKI will be charged by the CA and AA.
(b) Activate the PKI function via the Internet. If you already have a card reader and PKI software, you can request for your digital certificate online at the website of any licensed certificate authority (CA).


6.E-public service or,
7. Any services that use MyKad PKI

Register at the relevant website that accepts MyKad PKI.
Upon registration, you may use your MyKad PKI for encryption and/or signing.

 MyKad as a Transit Card (Touch ‘n Go)

Touch ‘n Go is an electronic purse application that uses contactless technology. It is used for payment as it is quick and easy and can be used in the following places:-
-Highway toll plazas
-Public transport such as light rail transit (LRT), RapidKL
-Car parks
-Theme parks

Touch ‘n Go can be topped up at the toll plazas, LRT stations or ATMs that bear the Touch’ n Go logo.

*For more information, visit the Touch ‘n Go website at the following address:

MyKad sebagai Dokumen Kesihatan

Basic health information such as blood type, allergies, organ implants, chronic diseases and information on beneficiary or next-of-kin may be entered into the MyKad chip.

The entry of basic health information can be made at any hospitals and clinics participating in the Telehealth Flagship Application Project in Putrajaya and Serdang Hospitals.

This information helps doctors and paramedics in providing medical assistance during an emergency.

*For more information, call 03-88831072 or visit the participating hospitals and clinics.

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