Application For Extract Of Birth Certificate (Adoption) By Court Order

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Extract of the Birth Certificate of a child adopted by court order may be obtained if the certificate was lost or damaged by submitting an application to the NRD headquarters in Putrajaya.

Application for extract of the adopted child’s Birth Certificate by court order may be submitted by the following persons:

  • Adoptive parent;
  • Adoptive sibling;
  • Owner of the Birth Certificate (adopted child);
  • Law Firm appointed by the client (the official letter of representation from the law firm and copy of identity card of the law firm’s representative are required)
  • 1.Form JPN.AA 04 that is completed;

    2.Identity cards or passports of adoptive parents or law firm or representative of the law firm (original and copy);

    3.One (1) original copy of the Birth Certificate of the adopted child (if application is for a new replacement certificate); or

    4.Statutory declaration (if original copy of the Birth Certificate of the adopted child is lost)

    Processing fee: RM5.00

    Note: The online forms are to be used as reference only. They may not be printed and used for transaction purposes. For transactions, please use the original forms.

    Form JPN.AA 04- Permohonan Pendaftaran Pengangkatan

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