Application for Adoption Through Court Order In Peninsular Malaysia

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Applicants who wish to register the adoption by court order must apply through a Law Firm appointed by adoptive parent or Legal Aid Department. Application must be submitted to NRD Headquarters, Putrajaya only. This Adoption Order is made in the High Court or Sessions Court. This adoption applies ONLY to NON-MUSLIMS.

An application for registration of adoption for a child by court order may be made by the following person;

i.  Adoptive parents or adoptive mother (single) / adoptive father (single);

ii. Law Firms or Legal Firm Representatives (Official Letter of Appointment from the Firm and one (1) copy of the Legal Representative’s Identity Card must be included).

i.   Completed JPN.AA 04 form;

ii.  Letter Head from Court (original and copy);

iii. Section 25 (2) Order and Schedule from Court (original and copy);

iv. One (1) copy of Identity Card or passport of adoptive parents or adoptive mother (single) / adoptive father (single) which has been certified by the Law Firm; and

v.  Birth certificate of the adoptive child (original and copy)

Processing fee: RM5.00

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