Application To Insert Name [Section 11] Into The Birth Certificate For Child Under 1 Year (Sarawak)

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Application to insert the name of a child below one (1) year who was registered without a name after birth.

Application to correct information according to section 12 may be submitted by the following persons:

  • Birth Certificate owner ;
  • Parent;
  • Legal guardian
  • The applicant is required to go to any National Registration Department counter in Sarawak with the necessary documents.


  • Forms VII and X that are completed;
  • Statutory declaration;
  • Family information forms BMK81 and BMK81A;
  • Birth Certificate (original and copy);
  • Identity card or identification document (original and copy);
  • Passport or insurance documentation or bank book if the child has a passport or insurance or bank account (original and copy);
  • Certification that the child is still schooling, if applicable;
  • Statutory declaration from the headman of the area of the child’s residence;
  • Any other supporting documents

  • Parent identity card or identification document or death certificates (original and copy);
  • Authorisation letter from the parents for the guardian to submit the application;
  • Marriage or divorce (originals and copies);
  • Letter of guardianship from the Department of Social Welfare (if application is submitted by the child’s guardian) (original and copy);
  • Other supporting documents such as the certificate or card confirming embracing of Islam of a parent, birth or death certificate of a parent and the letter of approval to change name from the Identity Card Division of NRD

  • Birth Certificate or identity card, if any (original and copy)
  • Registration fee: RM2.00
  • Approval fee: RM5.00
  • Birth Certificate extract fee: RM5.00
  • Form x-Aplication for Search/Extract of Birth Register in Sarawak.

    BMK-81-Family Information Form

    Note : The online forms are to be used reference only. The may not be printed and used for transaction purposes. For transactions, please use the original forms.

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