Normal Registration Of Stillbirth (Sarawak)

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The application for normal registration of birth of a child born in Malaysia shall be made within 14 days of the date of birth. The informant must be the mother/father/relative/person who is acquainted with the birth. The application can be made in Peninsular Malaysia, which will be forwarded to Sarawak for the approval of the Regional Registrar. [Section 14(a) and (b), Births & Deaths Registration Ordinance 1951 (Sarawak Cap.10)]

The applicant must complete Form I and Form X (Extract) and attach supporting documents.

  1. Personal identification document or a valid travel document
  2. Pre-natal examination documents
  3. Confirmation of birth or stillbirth
  4. Marriage certificates of the parents

No charge

Form x-Aplication for Search/Extract of Birth Register in Sarawak

Note : The online forms are to be used reference only. The may not be printed and used for transaction purposes.For transactions, please use the original forms.

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