Application For Re-Registration Of Birth (Lost Or Damaged) Section 4A (Peninsular)

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Application for re-registration of birth registration is made when the register or record of birth cannot be traced due to loss or damage. Applications may be submitted at any NRD office in Peninsular Malaysia, supported by evidence that the birth was registered.

Re-registration of birth may be submitted by the following persons:

  1. Parent;
  2. Birth Certificate owner who has an identity card

Pemohon dikehendaki hadir ke mana-mana kaunter Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara dengan membawa dokumen-dokumen yang diperlukan.

    1. Form JPN.LM01
    2. Birth Certificate (original document and one (1) copy of the original) – if any
    3. Family information form – BMK81
    4. Extract of school register (original document and one (1) copy of the original);
    5. Identity card of the Birth Certificate owner (original document and one (1) copy of the original) if any;
    6. Available documents with record of the Birth Certificate number (original document and one (1) copy of the original)

No charge

JPN.LM01-Registration of Birth

BMK81 – Family Information Form

Note : The online forms are to be used reference only.The may not be printed and used for transactions purposes. For transactions, please use the original forms.

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