Application To Correct Factual Errors [Section 27 (3)] In The Birth Certificate (Peninsular)

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Application to correct any factual errors provided during the registration of birth due to incorrect or unavailable information. The applicant must submit supporting documents proving the factual errors.

Application to correct factual errors may be submitted by the following persons:
  • Birth Certificate owner;
  • Parent;
  • Legal guardian
  • The applicant is required to go to any National Registration Department counter in Peninsular Malaysia with the necessary documents.

  • Form JPN.LM21 that is completed;
  • Statutory declaration JPN.LM22;
  • Family information form BMK81;
  • Birth Certificate (original and copy);
  • Identity cards or identification documents of the applicant, child and siblings (originals and copies);
  • Letter of guardianship from the Department of Social Welfare (if application is submitted by the child’s guardian) (original and copy);
  • Passport or insurance documentation or bank book if the child has a passport or insurance or bank account (original and copy);
  • Marriage certificate (original and copy);

  • Identity card or identification document or death certificates of parents (original and copy);
  • Authorisation letter from the parents for guardian to submit the application;
  • Marriage certificate or divorce (originals and copies);
  • Other supporting documents such as the certificate or card certifying embracing of Islam of a parent, birth or death certificate of a parent and the letter of approval for change of name from the Identity Card Division of NRD

  • Birth certificate or identity card, if any (original and copy)


    Application fee: RM50.00
    Birth Certificate extract fee: RM5.00

    JPN. LM21 – Application for Insertion of Name/Correction of Errors in the Birth Register

    JPN.LM22– Declaration Letter for Application to Correct Errors in the Birth Register

    BMK81 – Family Information Form

    Note: The online forms are to be used as reference only. They may not be printed and used for transaction purposes. For transactions, please use the original forms.

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