Delayed Registration Of Death (Sabah)

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Application for delayed registration of death is required when registration is made on the second to the tenth day after the death.

Death registration application may be made by the following persons:

  1. Next of kin of the deceased;
  2. Person with knowledge of the death
  1. Forms B and N2 (extract) that are completed;
  2. Police report for death occurring at home (original and copy);
  3. Certification of death if the death occurred in a hospital (original and copy);
  4. Identity card or entry permit or passport of the informant (original and copy);
  5. Identity card or identification document of the deceased. If these are unavailable/lost then a police report must be included.

Processing fee: RM5.00

Borang B dan BorangN2 – Note : The online forms are to be used reference only.The may not be printed and used for transaction purpose.For transactions,please use the original forms.

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