Application For Referral To Marriage Tribunal

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This application is intended to refer the matrimonial difficulties of non-Muslims to the marriage tribunal for reconciliation.

The applicant is required to be present to submit the application for marriage tribunal at the NRD office for the area in which the couple last resided together.

We do not accept application submitted on applicant’s behalf by third parties.

1.    Form JPN.KC14 that is completed.

2.    Applicant’s MyKad.

3.    ORIGINAL passport and photocopy of pages of personal details and latest arrival date in Malaysia for non-citizen.

4.    ORIGINAL and photocopy of Marriage Certificate.

1.    RM2.00 for application fee.

2.    RM20.00 if tribunal certificate JPN.KC29 is issued

Note: The online forms are to be used as reference only. They may not be printed and used for transaction purposes. For transactions, please use the original forms.

JPNKC14 – Application Form For Referral To Marriage Tribunal

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