Mobile JPN

Mobile JPN
Mobile JPN is a new innovation developed by JPN under myGov Mobile MAMPU Project to facilitate the public to review the application status of IC or MyKid, quick access to information such as the fees of lost of IC, the addresses of the nearest National Registration Department and various concise information through a mobile platform and can be accessed anywhere.

Modules available in the Mobile Applications JPN:
1. Semakan Kad Pengenalan /MyKid (IC / MyKid Application status) – allow the public to check the application status of IC / MyKid online.
2. Info- a brief info-display information
3. Khidmat (Services)- displays concise information on MyKad and MyKid.
4. Cawangan (Branches)- display a list ofaddresses of the NRDs’ branches and their operations housr to enable the public to come and get services. It is also equipped with Google Maps.
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