The government is not yet satisfied with your application. The decision by the minister is final but if you still intend to become a Malaysian citizen, you may submit a new application.

Before submitting the application, the customer has been informed that the citizenship application will be processed and completed within one year from the date of complete application received by the NRD Headquarters in Putrajaya. However, customers can submit a letter by stating the reason to expedite the application process and it is subject to the Malaysian Government’s jurisdiction.

You may submit an application for extension of birth registration of a child born overseas to the Minister through NRD Headquarters by completing the same form and providing the reasons for late registration. Applications can be made at any Malaysian Consulate abroad or the nearest NRD office if you are back in Malaysia.

If a child is born in Singapore, registration at the Representative Office in Singapore is not required. If your child plans to reside in Malaysia in the future, you need only to apply for a confirmation of citizenship with the NRD through the representative office in Singapore and then apply for a certificate of status from the Immigration Department.

You must first obtain a PR status from the Immigration Department. After that, you need to apply for the approval of the minister under Article 18 (2) of the Constitution of Malaysia to allow you to apply to become a citizen of Malaysia upon fulfilling the required conditions for citizenship application under the relevant articles of the Constitution.

You may apply for citizenship for the child in accordance with the provisions of Article 15 (2) of the Federal Constitution. You may submit the application at any NRD headquarters near your place of residence.

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