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Code of Ethics

  • Highly committed and ready to take on any task
  • Responsible and determined in carrying out every task within the specified time period as well as in ensuring the quality of work
  • Possessing the skills, wisdom and ability to discharge all entrusted duties
  • Possesing integrity in objectivity, unbiased and unselfish
  • Possessing such characteristics as creativity, innovativeness, always motivated, competitiveness, and accountability and being innovative and always motivated
  • Working towards one vision
  • Always participating in and contributing to the activities of the department
  • Sharing experience, information, knowledge and views
  • Always preserving the image of the department
  • Practising give and take, tolerance, co-operation and mutual respect at all times.
Excellent and Distinction
  • Striving to do the best
  • Always trying to improve work performance
  • Always sensitive to the needs of customers
  • Having the ability to learn multiple skills for multi-tasking
  • Dedicated and disciplined
Prudent and Competent
  • Honest, trustworthy and ethical in carrying out duties without abusing power and position
  • Considerate, friendly, fair and equitable
  • Strict, precise and consistent in decision-making
  • Always calm, patient and able to adapt to all situations
  • Willing to accept reprimands and criticisms
  • Presentable in appearance and polite in manner
Continuous Learning
  • Prepared to learn from one’s own experience and others’ for further improvement
  • Always looking for opportunities to develop and improve personal skills
  • Always encouraging all personnel to strive for improvement
  • Always striving to nurture individual potential
  • Bold in asking questions

Ibu Pejabat Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Putrajaya, 
No 20, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 2,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
62551 Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya. 

Telefon: 03-8000 8000  Faks: 03-8880 8288 
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