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I am 17 years old. When should I change my identity card? Any person who obtained his/her first identity card at the age of 12 is required to change to a new identity card on attaining the age of 18. If the change is made within the age of 18-25, no fine will be imposed?

Any person who obtained his/her first identity card at the age of 12 is required to change to a new identity card on attaining the age of 18. If the change is made with the age of 18-25, no fine will be imposed.

I am 25 and I do not have an identity card. What should I do?

Those who have attained the age of 16 and above but have not applied for an identity card are advised to go to the nearest NRD office to make a late application. The applicant and sponsor must attend an interview, and bring along the following documents:- 
• Birth certificate/certificate of adoption/Form W of the applicant 
• Entry permit/citizenship status confirmation form (if applicable) 
• Identity card of the sponsor

I am a foreigner and have an entry permit from the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Am I eligible to apply for an identity card? What are the requirement for the application of identity card?

You are eligible to apply for an identity card with permanent resident status (red). You need to bring along your passport and entry permit and copies of both documents as well as an application fee of RM40.00. The application can be made only at the Putrajaya NRD Headquarters and state NRD headquarters.

Will there be a fee incurred if the chip on my identity card is damaged?

If the chip is damaged within the first year not deliberarely or through misuse, a replacement card will be issued at no charge, but if the card is more than a year old, then a replacement fee of RM10.00 will be imposed.

What is the fee incurred if I lose my identity card?

The replacement fee for a lost identity card depends on the number of times it is lost. Refer to the payment schedule.

How long does it take to process the MyKad application?

Applicants who choose to collect their MyKad at the Putrajaya NRD Headquarters and the Selected Branches with distributed printing machines may do so within 33 minutes. Those who choose to collect it at any NRD branch offices in Peninsular Malaysia will be able to do so within 5 working days. Any NRD branch offices in Sabah, Sarawak or Labuan will have the card ready for collection within 7 working days. This charter on issue of the MyKad applies only to applications by Malaysian citizens and applications that have no complications.

Can I change my address without changing my identity card? If yes, what is the fee incurred?

Changing the address on the identity card chip is not allowed. Only address changerequests involving the issuance of replacement identity cards are allowed. 

Does the NRD accept other modes of payment other than cash?

Yes. The NRD also accepts electronic payment such as credit card debit card, and MEPS.

I already have an identity card and having fingerprint problem when dealing with agencies. What I need to do?

Sir/ Madam, you can go to National Registration Department Office nearby you to get a print out of chip content letter regarding your finger print problem.

How do I apply for a identity card by appointment?

Appointment applications can be made by browsing the link below: https://mytemujanji.jpn.gov.my/


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