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Lost, damaged or destroyed birth certificate. How can a copy or an extract of a birth certificate be obtained?

The mother/father, owner of the birth certificate or an authorised representative (next of kin/attorney) may apply to obtain the extract of birth certificate by way of:-

Being personally present at the counter of the nearest NRD office and bringing along the original identity card or identity document and filling in Form JPN.LM12. Cash payment of RM5.00 is charged for every extract of a birth certificate.

Women has recently given birth to a child. Who should report the child's birth?

The persons who may inform about the birth of the child are as follows:-

  • Father of the child; or
  • Mother of the child or;
  • Person who resides in the house where the child was born; or
  • Any person who witnessed the birth; or
A child has no birth certificate despite being more than 60 days old and was born in Peninsular Malaysia.

The mother/ father or legal guardian has proof that the birth of the child actually took place in Peninsular Malaysia may make an application for late registration of birth at any NRD counter nearby within Peninsular Malaysia.

Birth of a child out of wedlock (illegitimate child/child out of wedlock) (for non-Muslims)

Particular of the father of the child born out of wedlock will not be entered in the register of birth unless a joint application is made by the mother and the person claiming to be the father of the child. The person claiming to be the father of the child must sign the birth register together with the mother of the child.

Mother/father intends to change the name of the child on the birth certificate.

The name on the birth certificate of a child who has not attained one (1) year of age may be amended or altered through an application for amendment of particulars.

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