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  • 1807 – The Charter of Justice 1807 (First Charter) established English Law, which was known as Lex Loci (laws of the land), in Penang.

  • 26.11.1826 – The Charter of Justice 1826 (Second Charter) established English Law, which was known Lex Loci (law of the land), in Singapore and Malacca although the law did not per se replaced customary law. As a result, cases under local law and customs were transferred to English law.

  • 1867 – The Straits Settlements were detached from the Government of India (by way of the Straits Settlements Act 1866) through legislative power.

  • 4.2.1867 – In line with the Letter of Conferment, legislative power in the colonies was approved by the Legislative Council of the Straits Settlements.

  • 1874 – 1899 – The Federated Malay States (Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang) became the protected states of Great British protectorates.

  • 13.7.1889 – Unified to form the Federation of Malaya.

  • 1895 – Prior to 1895, the Federation of Malaya operated separately until a law was passed to legislate separate laws were made for the registration of birth, death, burial, marriage and divorce. In 1895, it operated under the Federal Council. Birth and death records kept by the National Registration Department since nearly 150 years ago continue to be preserved to this day. In 1948, the first identity card was issued during the emergency (Registration Areas). The 1948 Regulations were later expanded through the Emergency Ordinance 1948.

Identity cards for the Federation of Malaya were issued on 2 August 1960. Matter pertaining to birth, death, adoption, citizenship and marriages were initially under the purview of the state governments until federal law was drafted to provide registration service to the public. The National Registration Department was formed to administer the acts for Parliament, which it does to this day.

The process of laminating old identity cards (1961)
People queuing to replace their paper identity cards with plastic identity card (1961)
HRH the Yang Visit by DYMM Seri Paduka Yang Di-Pertuan Agong visit the NRD Headquarters (1961)
The first Malaysian Citizenship Certificate issued (1964)
Tunku Abdul Rahman having his thumb print taken for his identity card application (1961)
The first plastic identity card with the number 0000001 belonging toTunku Abdul Rahman

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