Introduction To MyKad


The Government Multi-Purpose Smart Card Project was developed based on new processes and systems that meet the latest security features while incorporating a variety of applications from the various government agencies and the private sector in a simple card.

Since there were no other systems similar to it at the time, the Government of Malaysia decided to design and develop all of its systems, procedures, and basic methodology to achieve the goal of implementing the government multi-purpose smart card based on the smart card technology.

This project is also a smart partnership between the government and the private sector to work together in driving, managing and implementing solutions for the Government Multi-Purpose Smart Card Project.


The Government Multi-Purpose Smart Card Project (MPSC) or MyKad is part of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC Malaysia) initiative. It is one of seven flagship applications identified for development by the Government of Malaysia to produce world-class innovative technologies in the country.


my is the Internet domain suffix for Malaysia.

Three lines in the form of a tick indicate the recognition given by the government and the people MyKad.

The use of the Malaysian flag colours indicates that MyKad is the nation’s pride and achievement.

The modern and simple logo design of MyKad indicates high technology and a the pride of nation.


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