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Application For Renunciation Of Citizenship Under Article 23 Of The Federal Constitution

Reason For Application

Any citizen aged twenty-one years and above and of sound mind and who already is, or is about to become a citizen of another country may renounce his/her Malaysian citizenship. Age will not be taken into account if the woman is married.

Application Condition
  1. The applicant must be aged 21 and above.
  2. The applicant is of sound mind.
  3. The applicant has or will soon obtain foreign citizenship.
  4. Two copies of Form K must be completed and submitted together with copies of the necessary documents.
Application Procedure

The applicant is required to go to any counter of the Citizenship Division of NRD or a Malaysian consulate in a foreign country, together with two copies of Form K (original) that have been completed.

Required Documents
  1. Copy of the foreign passport
  2. Copy of the foreign citizenship certificate or copy of confirmation that the applicant will become the citizen of a foreign country
  3. Birth Certificate or latest extract of Birth Certificate for applicants born in Malaysia, or Form W for applicants born in a foreign country (if any)
  4. Citizenship Certificate (if any)
  5. Identity card (if any)
  6. Two (2) Passport-sized photograph of the applicant with a blue background
  7. The applicant’s left and right thumbprints
  8. Form K must be signed and certified before a magistrate / Justice of Peace / solicitor / notary public or commissioner for oaths
  9. Malaysian passport or other travel documents
  10.  Marriage document (for female applicants below age 21).

    Note: All copies of supporting documents should be made on A4 paper.

RM10.00 for application fee


All applications for citizenship matters require the use of original forms. Forms may be obtained from the Putrajaya NRD headquarters or state NRD headquarters/ branches. Application forms for registration of birth in a foreign country and renunciation of citizenship may be obtained from consulates abroad.

Applications Form

Form K 

Note: The online forms is to be used as reference only. For transactions, please use the original forms.


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