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Re-Registration Of Marriage Of Non-muslim Couples Married According To Any Law, Religion, Custom Or Usage Before 01.03.1982

General Information
  1. Application for re-registration of marriage of non-Muslims who married according to any law, religion, custom or usage before 01.03.1982.
  2. The re-registration does not apply to the foreign citizen who was granted a Malaysian citizenship status after their marriage according to any law,    religion, custom or usage in the foreign country.
Application Requirements

The couple are required to be present at the NRD counter during the application and registration of marriage.

Required Documents
  1. Form  JPN.KC06 that is completed
  2. Mykad (ORIGINAL).
  3. For marriages registered abroad, ORIGINAL passport for Malaysian and non-citizen including photocopy of the pages with personal details, latest arrival date in Malaysia, and dates of departure or arrival in the country where the marriage was registered.
  4. One (1) colour passport-sized photograph per applicant.
  5. ORIGINAL Marriage certificate and photocopy
  6. Foreign marriage certificate from China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria, Sri Lanka or any other country if required, must be: 6.1.1 certified by either the Malaysian representative in their home country. or the applicant’s consulate in Malaysia, and6.1.2 re-certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Wisma Putra) in Putrajaya, Kuching or Kota Kinabalu
  7. Marriage certificate from Vietnam must be certified by Embassy of Vietnam in Malaysia
  8. ORIGINAL and photocopies of children’s birth certificates (if any).
  9. Wedding invitation card (if any).
  10. Photographs of wedding according to any law, religion, custom or usage (if any).
  11. All documents must be translated into Malay Language or English by a qualified translator and submitted with the application. For document translation completed in Malaysia by Malaysian Court Translator or Malaysian National Institutes of Translation are acceptable without certification by respective embassy in Malaysia and recertified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia.

RM20.00 for Marriage Certificate


A marriage that is valid under law, religion, custom or usage before 01/03/1982 i.e. the date of enactment of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) 1976 or Act 164, is deemed to have been registered. Therefore, registration of the couple’s marriage is not compulsory. However, voluntary registration is encouraged for record and documentation purposes.

Applications Form

JPNKC02, JPN.KC06 , JPNKC08, JPNKC04, JPNKC01F, and JPNKC16 - Application form: Registration Marriage

Note: The online forms are to be used as reference only. They may not be printed and used for transaction purposes. For transactions, please use the original forms.


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